You don't have to struggle with unwanted insects or destructive mice. We can provide you with the assistance you need. Call Pest Therapy today to schedule your appointment and reclaim your home!

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When you need a reliable pest exterminator, turn to our experienced team at Pest Therapy. Since 2013, we have been getting rid of ants, termites, and other nuisance insects from residential and commercial properties. Expect only the highest level of customer service from our skilled technicians.

Eliminating All Types of Pests

As Pest Therapy is a locally owned and operated company, our team is familiar with the unique problems that our clients in Buckeye, AZ have to face. With this knowledge, we are able to thoroughly exterminate the following:

  • Ants

  • Bees

  • Crickets

  • Mice

  • Scorpions

  • Termites


Mission Statement

To Provide Quality Service

Personalized Service

Our company understands that your needs are different from the needs of our other clients. That is why we let you choose from a range of options, including one-time treatments or service plans if your property requires regular maintenance.

You Deserve a Pest-Free Environment

Trust us to protect both your health and your property by keeping mice and insects out. We use a meticulous approach in order to deliver great results and achieve your satisfaction. There’s no need to keep worrying about pests because our professional team is here to help. You'll appreciate our courteous service and our competitive rates for sure.

Excellent Pest Control Is Just One Call Away

Call Pest Therapy today to request a service. You may also fill out the contact form on our website to get in touch with us anytime.


When you need an experienced Buckeye, AZ, pest exterminator, consider a locally owned and operated company. Pest therapy offers a range of services, including one-time treatments and service plans. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and reliable pest control.

We strive to help you protect both your health and your home by keeping the insects and pests out. We use a meticulous approach in order to provide you great results, and our main focus is on your satisfaction. Our technicians are able to provide service for:

  • Ant Extermination

  • Bee Extermination

  • Commercial Pest Control

  • Cricket Extermination

  • Residential Pest Control

  • Scorpion Extermination

  • Termite Extermination

You don't have to struggle with tiny insects or invading mice because our Buckeye, AZ, pest exterminator can provide you with the assistance you need. Call Pest Therapy today to schedule your appointment and reclaim your home. You'll appreciate our courteous service and our competitive rates.

Verified Reviews

Estelle L.

Thorough, professional workmanship.

I was so impressed by the job Curtis did to my house. I've had termite control before but never as thorough as this this man did my house. He inspected everything, zoned in on my problem and attacked it so completely that I feel my termites were actually treated, unlike my previous experiences. He explained everything and now I'm confident that I don't have to worry about who I'll call if I need someone for any kind of pest problem. Curtis is a treasure. He knows what he is doing and serious about his work.

Elizabeth S.

We are very satisfied with the service. Thank you for your help!!!

Carol B.

The Very Best

Curtis has been getting rid of my pests & creepy crawlers for many, many years. He is thorough, courteous, on time & is fair in his pricing. I am so happy with his service. If I see critters, gophers, ants, whatever, I tell him & he takes care of it for me. I highly recommend him. I thank my lucky stars that I found him. Great Service !

Dan W.

Friendly, thorough and honest.

Curtis knows his profession and has a confident approach. I found him to be refreshingly direct and honest without even a hint of overselling services that we do not need. He keeps it simple and gets the job done correctly and effectively. As result, I can trust him and I highly recommend his services.

Karen J.

Very quick to the response for our treatment, professional and friendly. Highly recommend to others.

Cory W.

High Quality and Friendly Service !

we have been customers of Curtis for about 1 year now. He has always been on time and went above and beyond the expectation of customer service. He has took to the time to explain the service.. covering all details to why we see the bugs we have seen and what to expect (time frames of eradication and any potential issues we may encounter). I do not hesitate to let my neighbors know who I trust to treat my home. Courteous Curtis is the guy to call!

Laura B.

We feel lucky to have found him

We live in a area of new construction and we were recently overrun by crickets inside and out. Curtis came, evaluated the situation, and took care of business. He was also very careful to keep our dogs safe.After the first treatment we were bug free. Curtis was prompt, fun, and very professional. He could charge a great deal more for his level of service. I rarely write reviews for anything, but this is the exception!

Jay T.

Curtis is a joy to deal with

I was in the process of staging my home for sale and when I moved some of the 19 years of junk, I discovered termites. Curtis was prompt, trustworthy, and just fun to be around. He is a good listener with a great sense of humor. The house sold before the end of the year and the warranty transferred to the new owner. Would I recommend him? I already have and will continue to do so.

Mickey C.

Exceptional high quality professional work!

We are so thankful to have found Pest Therapy to service our homes! I can't say enough about how pleased we have been with the curteous, friendly and very professional service we have received! Curtis has seviced three of our homes, one requiring termite eradication and in another he eliminatined a menacing ant problem with one treatment! I have not seen an ant since his highly effective treatment! I was totally amazed and thrilled! His service is always outstanding and he pays attention to details that other exterminators rarely notice or address. Pest Therapy is exceptional in every way! Curtis' extensive knowledge concerning problems and solutions to pest control is extremely impressive and always so very helpful! I highly recommend Pest Therapy to anyone wanting to receive high quality and reliable pest service!

John E.

Prompt Reply

The tenants next door reported that they saw what they thought was terminate tunnels on the ceiling. Contacted Pest Therapy early in week and problem was taken care of in a just a few days

Joan T.

Amazing service

After years and years and years of recurring termite issues, I switched to Pest Therapy. One visit, and Curtis identified the source of the problem. Turns out that a tree planted close to the house was causing problems with its roots. A treatment by Pest Therapy and a visit by a tree specialist put an end to my termite problems. Curtis took the time (which was considerable) to identify the problem, he and took more time to make sure I understood how it was happening. I got my termites treated, the problem resolved and got a great education in the process. This is an amazing company with amazing service. I recommend Pest Therapy without reservation!!!

Thomas B.

Stellar performance! Termite extermination

Where to begin! First Curtis came out at a time that was convenient to my schedule. I called on the way home and let him know I was running a few minutes late. He said no problem, and when I arrived, he had already inspected the front of the house! He was friendly and very straightforward about the bugs, providing me a quick education about how they operate. He found several signs of termites in the garage, and explained to me how he knew these signs meant termites were around. He continued his inspection around the outside of the house. He explained the various pesticides, their advantages/disadvantages, and costs. He gave me a very reasonable estimate for the termite extermination. When I went with him for the service, he came and efficiently treated the affected part of the house, and explained what we would expect next. Curtis is very knowledgeable and, because of that knowledge and care for his customers, he effectively treats for pests using precise application of chemicals (rather than the big pest companies - using watered down chemicals on as many homes in the same area as possible, quantify versus quality). Because of all this, he has happy customers. We chose Pest Therapy for this termite treatment, but are switching from one of those big companies to PT for all our pest treatment. Thanks again Curtis! Five Stars!

Denise C.


Curtis gets an A++++++ for FANTASTIC and IMMEDIATE response to our call for help! He drove quite a distance to see if he could help us..and HE DID AMAZING!!! QUALITY service and spraying! Curtis has an EXCELLENT personality and is very professional! We HIGHLY recommend Curtis and his business!!! I am grateful that he took us on as customers! He spent three hours BEFORE he sprayed and did a VERY THOROUGH job spraying! He really is a great pest control EXPERT!!!! THANKS CURTIS...YOU ROCK!!! Denise and Doug Chester Harquahala, Arizona

Madelyn D.


Pest Therapy is an awesome pest control company. We have been using Curtis for over a year and haven't had any problems. He takes the time to explain what he is doing. He is very polite and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend him.

William D.

Only person we trust!

We have been using Curtis for about 4 years now. My wife is arachnophobic and has zero tolerance for insects in our house. Curtis takes the time to make sure the spraying is very thorough and pet safe. Being in a desert climate, I expected spiders and scorpions to be very common. We have never in 4 years found either in our house. Now with kids it is even more important to ensure their aren't any creepy crawlies around my little ones. Curtis is the only person I trust to spray my house. He has sprayed our yard for weeds and we only have to do it twice a year and never have to pull weeds or grass. Call him,
you won't be disappointed.

Suzanne D.

Pest Therapy

Curtis came and thoroughly explained what he would be doing on the exterior of our home. I had had great help from him when he worked for another company and was very happy when he started his own business. His plan is less expensive and very bugs!

Joan R.

My favorite Bug Guy!

I have had Curtis controlling the pests around my home for 4 years. Even when he worked for another company, he was the only one I would let do any work for me. I like that he is always reliable and very professional.

Kristen R.

I love pest therapy! Curtis is very friendly and personable. He knows what he is doing! I highly recommend pest therapy.

JoAnne C.

Pest Therapy is awesome!

I have been using Pest Therapy for about 2 years. They are so helpful in eliminating those nasty pests here in Arizona. From the bees to the disgusting roof rats I had and everything in between, they can handle it all! I would highly recommend Pest Therapy for all of your pest control needs!! They are extremely reliable, dependable and reasonable!

Barbara P.

Excellent Personal Service!

We have been with Curtis several years now and love that he uses Eco-friendly products. He is very knowledgeable and reliable. And he is very good about making return visits if needed. Couldn't find a more personable guy who is customer oriented.

Alice F.


I've had Curtis spray my house for over a year (part of it with another company) and he has Always been Courteous, Professional and always willing to come back in the event that I am having an ongoing problem with insects. He has done a Great job for me and my concerns at my home and would Trust him Fully, both Inside my house as well as outside.

Don B.

Very dependable pest service

I started using Pest therapy about 12 months ago and I am extremely happy with them. They do what they say and when they say it for a competitive price.

C B.

Great customer service

Have used Peat Therapy for home pest control for about two years. Recent move and continues service because of friendly nature, thoroughness and ease of scheduling! Highly recommended

Susan and Roger B.

Recommend Pest Therapy

Curtis is experienced and does a very professional job on our monthly pest control maintenance. He has also been very responsive to any unexpected pest control problems we have had in the past. My husband and I definitely recommend Curtis and Pest Therapy.

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